I have recently learnt that I will soon be taking the IFATC test. Any tips on what I should prepare for for the practical test?
Any tips will happily be accepted. Thanks!

Just make sure to practice your sequencing as that is a very big part to maintaining control in your airspace.

Also, I would have another look over the ATC tutorials to revise before your test, as this is what I plan on doing also.

I’m taking my test in around two weeks also, so hope to see you on the team soon.

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I suggest you check out this video:

And as long as you have watched all of the tower & ground tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel, then you should be good to go.

Good luck!


Keep calm, don’t doubt yourself if you think you’re commands are correct.

Thanks so much! @LachyRobertson thanks for the tip didn’t know about the video. @Declan_O thanks for the tip about sequencing and good luck! @Oliver02 thanks!


Good luck once again. :)

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Thanks so much @Oliver02

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Good luck. Move the free cam to get a better view of the airfield if you need to. You must keep an eye on everything on the ground…its not all about the sky.


Thanks. I saw that in watching @LachyRobertson’s video.

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The last part of the test is very important…

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