Does anyone have any Tipps for the ATC Test, so I can be better prepared?

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Watch Tyler’s ATC tutorials on YouTube. You only need to be familiar with ground and Tower stuff, so focus on those particular videos.

They can be found in #tutorials:atc


Already did that :)


Then you should be good to go. That’s all I did for mine and I passed. Good luck :)


Cheers and good luck!


ATCEG is a great place to train. Maybe @Trio will give you some tips :)


Hey mate,

I just wanted to provide you some tips and tricks as I use to be apart of IFATC for a little bit.

  1. Remember to always sequence! Sequencing an aircraft is an important part of controlling, whether the aircraft is inbound for landing or flying patterns, you need to sequence it, in order for the pilot to know which aircraft he/she must follow.

  2. Remember that you can clear multiple aircraft at once. For example if you have ‘United 554’ on final and ‘Alaska 113’ on base you can send the following messages to both pilots:

‘United 554, number one, cleared to land, runway 17’

'Alaska 113, number two, cleared to land, runway 17

You don’t have to wait until the runway is clear, before you clear the next airplane to land.

  1. Don’t over control! This is a mistake I first made when controlling. I use to send every aircraft ‘I’ll call your base’ and things like that when it wasn’t required. As long as you sequence as mentioned above, the pilot should know who they are following.

Good luck with your IFATC journey!


Do ifatc actually clears any aircraft often on final?🤔.They often clears aircraft before entering final😉

If you have Approach, Tower will always clear after an aircraft has already entered on final

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Hello @Prasoon_S,

That is correct. If there is only tower active they will most likely clear you before entering final.

If approach is active then they will give you radar vectors to intercept the ILS and then hand you over to tower, where they will clear you when you are established on the ILS or GPS.

Hope this helps. :)

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For approach ,yes they do🙂 I was referring to only tower_grnd

Yes, that is correct. Only approach. Tower and Ground should clear you before entering final. :)

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While tips can help, it’s imperative to be more reliant on the tutorials linked above, an ATC Trainer, or an approved training group. This is because some people have different variations and opinions on how controlling should be done, so it is best to take information right from the source. This protects you from doing something on your test that you thought was fine because it was taught to you by a third party.

Good luck!


Sitting on a toilet at midnight will help you out with getting a solid performance in.

It did for me, at least…


Seems like a very interesting technique…😂

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Many tutorials are available on YouTube for controlling I suggest you check a few out to be prepared. I would also PM an ifatc controller on their thoughts since I am not IFATC certified.

If you use common sense and your knowledge upon your contoling skills you will have unlocked the key of success in the exam. Which was the key of my success in becoming an IFATC.

I wish you the best of luck!

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