IFATC test prep

Hi everyone I’ve been training and studying to retake the written for a while and have exhausted opportunities for the practice test. I was wondering if anyone would be able or willing to “sit down” with me and help me review some of my weaker spots like go around, transitions. Flight of xx and general spacing commands. I really need to get it this time. In also trying to be an Air traffic controller for my career so it would be cool to get into ifatc before that. Anyways I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Cheers!


Hello there!!!

I would love to help you, so please you can contact me via pm with any question you like, and I recommend to start a tracking thread so you can practice your atc controlling skills!!!

Hey there!

I would also be very happy to help!! Feel free to contact me via PMs if you need any extra assistance regarding IFATC! 😄


It is great to see you wanting to join IFATC! I am sure you will love it here.

I will defiantly be willing to help you join the ranks! If you need any information at all please don’t hesitate to PM me! I will help you as much as I can and guide you along with the information available on the website.

Make sure after you pass I am sure you will! To contact one of our amazing trainers and they will guide you every step of the way towards acing your practical! If you want more information on IFATC Training here is the official thread

Cannot wait to see you joining the ranks of IFATC!

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I have a tracking thread I saw you commenting on that before! But I will definitely message you thank you so much

No problem at all !!!

Keep practicing and you will be with IFATC in no time!!!

Here’s a simple but effective tip…
Draw out a two runway airport on a piece of paper, and label the pattern directions. When you take the test, it’s nice to have that visual to help you out.

I also used that to help in my practicals!


Take it from Gary! He knows his stuff for sure


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