IFATC test coming up

Hey there! So im about to take the test for IFATC and i was wondering what videos i should look at and stuff you guys recommend me to us!



Firstly, I think your best option would be to familiarize yourself with the contents of the ATC Manual in the user guide. After that, you should also check out the YouTube tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel - I’ll link some below.

Thanks :)

User Guide

YouTube ATC Tutorials Playlist


Hey there! Check out this thread from yesterday. It’s got all the relevant manual info, videos, and advice you need!

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This video is what you’re looking for! Be sure to read the manual as well, like mentioned above. You can find that here.

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To add on to the above, you’ll only need to know info from Section 2 and Section 3 for your IFATC entrance exams. Don’t worry about the other things until later. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns! I’d be glad to help.


Hello! First off, best of luck! Just review and prepare for your test and airport (whenever you receive it). Dependent on when your test is, maybe make a tracking thread and have people help out to get a feel of the commands you will need to know. If time is short, watch videos (linked above) to help you get ready. Lastly, stay calm and be organized. Being stressed can lead to a lose of focus, which becomes bad when doing the practical/written.

Also, I don’t know if you are doing the written or practical now, but actually controlling helped me a lot for my written. Imagining a scenario I have dealt with helped a lot for my written.

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We appreciate you all helping out this user, but please make sure not to keep mentioning what has been mentioned previously. This isn’t directed at anyone, just a friendly reminder as it just adds to the confusion.


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