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Hey IFC,
A few weeks ago I did the practical test (I can now retake the test). When I first did it the person who was testing me gave me some advice, now I’ve tried to contact my ATC trainer but I don’t think he is receiving messages in general so my question is, what is the pattern altitude of an airport (if not set, for commercial aircraft)?

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1000ft above ground for general aviation props and 1500 for anything with a turbine is what I’ve been told


You don’t sleep while flying and this is for expert server ATC.

Lol I’m talking about you waiting for your trainer to contact you. You misunderstood me. I’m IFATC myself, why would I give you such a advise

Oh right ok, yes I did sorry, he hasn’t responded in days though… coma?

Wow…nice thinking.

Who was the trainer And I will message him

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Good luck for your upcoming test, whenever you choose to take it!
Pattern work!
For GA aircraft you can fly from 1000-1500 Above ground level, so if the airport is at 2000ft MSL you can fly at around 3000 to 3500ft MSL.
If there are mountains that doesn’t allow you to maintain 1000-1500 then you can climb over the mountain and defend afterwards!
Good luck!

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I would message another trainer. All are volunteers and at certain times of the year, many are very busy with school and other things.

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Ok thanks, do you have a list of people I can contact, that would be very much appreciated!

Everything that you need is listed here, let me know if you have any other questions

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Hey James! Your trainer is currently or most likely sleeping. He is an hour ahead of me, which would be 10:23pm. He will hopefully get back to you tomorrow!

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Where do you do practice test @Oliver02

There are not really practice tests. Opening an ATC tracking thread will help sharpen your skills. Or you can contact a trainer.

Here is more info!


Via the IFATC Manual:

6.3.1 The pattern altitude is 1000ft AAL (above aerodrome level) for props and 1500ft AAL for jets. Controllers are encouraged to fly at the airport they intend on controlling at, before opening. This allows the controller to assess suitability for pattern work. Weather and traffic may be sensible, however if a standard pattern cannot be reasonably flown, for example due to terrain such as at KASE or LOWI, then pattern work must be denied when controlling.

Read more here: ATC Manual

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