IFATC telling GA to pushback!

I was at LAX moments ago. While in my citation I was told to pushback. This was on the expert server! How foolish! I suggest y’all IFATC controllers take a look at how to properly control a General aviation plane. This has happend 5+ times to me before.

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Who was the controller

But do you request for pushback?

Did you request taxi or pushback? Sometimes when it’s busy, we don’t exactly have time to check every aircraft type…

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No just a taxi to the active.

Let me get something straight here…

Nobody is perfect.

It was probably an honest mistake, or a newer IFATC member.


This has happend at a airport where it was me and another and no one else remotely close to the airspace.

Oh so as @DiamondGaming4 say it can be problem, because of busy traffic.

So you can’t pushback with the Citation X?


Well air traffic controllers are of the professions that need to be close to perfect if not two planes might go bonkers…

So, let him know via private message so that he will give you a reason to what has happened.

You’ve seen one do it before. I’ve flown in 3 citations in my lifetime and seen countless ones never one pushbacked… never seen one GA plane pushback…

Controller has been notified and will reach out to you when he’s done.

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So wait, you immediately came on here to bash the controllers lack of attention to detail without even attempting to prove that your aircraft cannot pushback?


I think you’re missing my point.
The CCX have the ability to push back in Infinite Flight, correct?

And as the ground map doesn’t really display the details in terms whether you spawned in a GA area or in a gate, the safest thing for the controller to do is to approve a pushback.

There’s absolutely no need to throw a tantrum about it.


No I come on here to tell them that GA don’t pushback. Not once have I seen a GA pushback. I fly in jets close to every weekend.

cough cough, nudge nudge


So we don’t go for realism in infinite flight? I try to aim for realism.

I’m more than aware of the fact it has a button that doesn’t mirror the real plane.

We do, but there’s limitations to what we can do which i know you’re fully aware of.