Lmao. It’s really that hard. I might have to re-think joining 😜😜😂😂

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Anything we could do to make the process easier without necessarily sacrificing the quality and knowledge required?


Oh I had a great experience in IFATC. I would totally recommend it… Just stay out of that Discussion Channel


No, honestly Tyler I think the process is perfectly fine, because I think what the controllers learn right now, gives them a great insight of how IFATC can be. But besides that can the pay be upgrade from a dollar per week to at least 2 dollars?


It seems like IFATC resembles the garbage man. They’re just trying to keep things clean but we’re constantly throwing bags of s**t at em. Great job one and all and thank you to those who get the job done.


It has been an honor to be part of IFATC and this community overall, as Tyler mentioned above. I have made many freindships that extend way beyond Infinite Flight, and the neat part is being in a group with people all over the world that share the same passion as you, you shall experience very diverse culture just chatting with fellow controllers.

So, for anyone that meets the requirements I highly suggest contacting a trainer to improve with ATC, maybe open a tracking thread as well. So maybe one day you can be apart of this growing and diverse group of men and women that keep the Expert Server nice and orderly for us pilots.


I am an IFATC member for my passion(Which is controlling more than flying) and FDS and kindly supplied us with this platform for us to develop our skills. This platform, as with the platform of life has its ups and downs. I made friends here, I learn things everyday here and it’s a fun time.


  • Everyone in IFATC is friendly and cracks jokes all the time(Tyler included)
  • You get to keep the server clean by ghosting idiots
  • You get appreciated for the time and effort you put in
  • You help each other out, when yoy first join you’ll get 0 traffic. But your fellow controllers are there to give you some to make you feel less bad


  • Honestly if you’re not an idiot yourself this list should be blank.

Or I come along in a C208 and Have to go around for the first 3 patterns while you work out what is going on.


I joined IF last year because of the capabilities of live ATC, i love ATC and had been playing a SIM that had a forum that actually brought me this way…

Took me a bit to get in (starting with really enjoying the VA life and flying). After then focusing on IFATC, got in on 2nd test…

Being in is a lot of fun, i just recently became an officer to do approach and absolutely love doing that, the busier, the more exciting it is. There’s nothing better than formulating a plan when you have 30 to 40 aircraft and seeing that plan executed. Being a part of the group, I’ve learned a lot that I never would have about aviation (being that its just a hobby for me). The only thing i can say, is god forbid you open an airport and only use one runway… hell hath come down on you from the heavens above. Hopefully the sarcasm comes across with that haha


@Zaco571 Some of the replies in here may be a joke and of that nature but this one is not.

IFATC as with anything that you involve yourself in has good a “not so good” (I don’t want to say bad) traits. One of the biggest things that was mentioned by a few other IFATC members already was that you get to meet new and amazing folks with all sorts of backgrounds.

Folks ranging with backgrounds from: Engineering, Aviation Mechanics (A&P), Technicians, real world Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, a TERPs builder, and more really gives a whole new definition to diversity. We have folks who don’t make a career off of aviation yet they still have this passion for aviation and a passion to volunteer their time to controlling on the server.

The IFATC Slack that is utilized for communication between controllers is highly active and one that could make you laugh at times.

With that being said, IFATC can be stressful at times depending on your experience with busy traffic. One of the things that I’ve observed over the months was that during events such as Friday Night Flight, the “not so informed” pilots come out of their cave and can absolutely wreck havoc in your airspace. As a controller, its a battle of task management dealing with those who are on the server for the realistic experience and those who want to treat the Expert Server as a “Training Server 2.0”.

Thats why there is a written and a practical to ensure that you are a competent controller and are able to deal with situations that may require a pilot to be ghosted for not following instructions when he needs to be.

I highly suggest you give IFATC a shot when/if you meet the requirements. You don’t really have anything to lose by not trying. Best of luck in your decision! 🙂



I think the process know is pretty effective. You still have to know what your doing in order to pass. I would say maybe put the recruiters time zones next to their name. Cause that would cause problems when trying to do your practical. Wasn’t a big issue for me because @anon66442947 was very understanding of this and sacrificed his time. But it was only a 3hr time difference. Still he was very polite and respectful.


Personally for me it was one of the best Descisions to join the IFATC Team. Mostly great people, always funny Conversations and sometimes we even take control on Expert Facilities :D
Also, they take everyone as a good colleague, without any prejudices. For me personally, after my coming out, I have even gained more confidence in the whole team because they see me as what I want to be. We are somehow more than just controllers, we are more of a family, where personal matters can also be discussed. I would almost say that I found a few friends there.


Ahhh, I wish I was one of those elite few.

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Elite? I’d go for barely adequate.



Anyhow, I would have to say being in the team has got to be one of the defining points in my (albeit very short) life thus far. Coming up on three years this July, and the experience has been overwhelming.

It’s a sense of life, I think. Other people have touched on the multicultural aspect in prior posts, but I’ll go a step further and say that IFATC can give you a wide array of life skills depending on what you make of it, as Tyler said. You’ll learn very quickly about people in general as well as a few harsh life truths.

Remember this- it’s perfectly okay not to have everyone like you. It’s impossible, anyway. You know who to avoid, who to talk to in the right mood, who are all around nice guys, who will do anything to help out, etc. This is not a condemnation of anyone in any way, but an indication of some of the interpersonal skills you’ll learn to master. What’s most important is to be true to yourself.

Can you improve? Yeah. Everyone does. People can change their habits and social skills, but what I mean by that is to discover and retain yourself as a person. It defines you. I mean, look at me. People on the team are well aware of my personality, but it’s who I am at heart. I make myself useful and ensure it doesn’t get in the way of the duties and obligations I have here. For some, it’s an appeal (and/or) tolerable, for others, not so much, and that’s okay. Like I said, not everyone’s going to like others. Life just… doesn’t work that way.

As for experience? If you commit yourself to controlling and taking advice where it’s given, you’ll have no problems at all. Will you have to swallow your pride sometimes and understand where other people are coming from? Yeah, but everyone involved in your training genuinely has a commitment towards you being the best you possibly can be. With the wide array of experienced veterans at your disposal, now is more time than ever to exploit those resources.

Even with help, sometimes you’ll stumble along the way. I want to make it clear there is no shame in doing so- even the best had to start from somewhere. There are always chances given and opportunities available for anyone who really wants to work for it. What matters is not keeping yourself down and learning from the experience, instead of jumping off your rocker and doing something crazy. Trust me, the number of people who decided to go the alternate route and found themselves sailing out the door have been way too high at this point.

Basically… like anything in life, the value of the team will be what YOU choose to invest in it. If you want to show up at the bare minimum and avoid interacting with anyone, sure. We’ve got no problems with that as long as you hit the minimums. If you want to put it some more time, help out a bit, and chat with some people, boom- you’ve made some friends. When you make friends, you make connections. Put in some more, take some opportunities… and see where it goes.

I mean, look at the scale of this thing. Three years ago, if you told me I would be booking a ticket to Vegas (and Atlanta last fall) to meet people from a random flight simulator with strangers from all over the world, I’d think you were crazy. Flash forward, and I have no regrets at all.

Now look at the time. You’ve made me go all weepy and write a book. I feel so old…

P.S- As your recruiter, I strongly urge you to watch the ATC channel YT playlist one more time.


Even though you were not my recruiter. I watched those videos like 10 times before taking my written for the 3rd time and passing. But I passed my practical on the first test.


I’m grinding towards those 500 operations right now, and reading this thread really gave me insight on what goes on behind the scenes. I never thought that just a group of good controllers on a phone game would be so close knit. Sounds like a lot of learning and friendships. Can’t wait!

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I will say as so many others have. It is as hard as you make it. But if you listen to the advice and guidance from most of the veteran controllers, you just might survive. For me its a way to relax yes I know what I said lol. But if you understood my lifes walk lol you would agree. Anyway best of luck and hope to see you on the other side.



Thank a lot Josh, that’s an excellent insight. As for my next theory, I am studying hard, watching those YT vids, thoroughly! :)

Sometimes Practicals are easier as writtens… I had the same problem, failed the written once, but nailed the practical in the first try 💪