Hey there guys!

I am currently in the process of becoming an IFATC member, and I just wanted to reach out to all of the members of the team, and just ask, what is your personal opinion of being on the team, what it is like, and what are some of your experiences (good or bad) ?

If you’re not part of the team, I’d still love to hear your opinion on the way you see the team or if you’re a previous member or are associated with someone in there, your opinion will be of most value too.



We work long hours a week and don’t get food.

Though the bright side you get to work with more mature players and have better control of the airspace


The work is hard. I haven’t seen my family in 18 years. Winter is over so I will survive another year.


We aren’t payed much (at all) unfortunately and we work a lot…

Nah jokes aside it’s like on ts1 but with a few exceptions:

You have a minimum opening time which is 1 hour for bravos. You can’t open only a few minutes. I used to do that when I really wanted to control but didn’t have time (ts1) now I can’t

You have to control at least once a month. (It’s not hard really)

You get to communicate with the other controllers wich gives you better coordination

But the best is that the pilots are better and if they aren’t 👻


It’s a tough life. Don’t do it.
I haven’t seen my kids in days…
Noone loves me


Thanks, this helps a lot, good insight.

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If you have any more precise questions don’t hesitate to ask. Just I only said the main important stuff…

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This is what we actually do…


This thread is too reminiscent of our #discussions…🤔 it’s the same sort of environment full of sarcastic people and fun.

But now on the more serious note, it’s fun when you have pilots who listen. It’s boring when you don’t have pilots (happens too often) and it’s annoying when you have pilots who don’t listen, but haven’t done anything too wrong to warrant a ghost.

That’s basically all I have to say about it. Generally it’s really pleasant and fun though.

See ya in the skies… ☁✈


its hard work, they expect you to control 24/7 365 or they’ll shame and fire you, you make little to no money at all, which I think it has to do with Tom being in charge of making out the checks and his passion for beer🤔 Oh and Tom expects someone to bring his beer to him daily. Although I hope to be back with them when I graduate lol. Besides that it’s a neat group of controllers besides Tom, Misha and Dushy boy. They have the right people in to help you when you don’t understand anything, basically it’s one very happy family!


@Julius97 There’s no need to expose the foolish side of us :P


Is there a different side of us though?

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Its a great place to work, everyone works well with each other, agrees there are lots of “silly” pilots, spams discussions. I have not looked at it in a few days however, so I am fearful of what I may find haha, I kidd. Everyone is willing to cooperate, and will provide answers to your questions, I hope this answered yours!


Outside of the controlling aspect of it, and on a serious note, you get to meet some really neat people. The group also makes you realize how small the world really is.

For example, there are a few who are within a short drive of where I live here in Maryland. When members of the team fly through BWI or happen to drive through town there is opportunity to actually put a face to a name. This has happened a few times.

An example of a local meetup is on the IF instagram page…where I had the chance to get an in -person radar training session:


There are some who are in the exact same line of work as I am in…and some with even the same medical condition that I have…both of which end up creating a bond, understanding, and hopefully lasting friendships.

I feel safe with and trust the people in this group because IFATC leadership does a good job of screening everyone who is a part of the group. Being a part of this group also establishes relationships that make me feel it’s worth it to do things like travel to Vegas for the Sim Expo.

Hope this gives the community some good insight and encourages those on the fence as to whether or not to join to make the jump on over.


My question is why were you on Slack at 2am?

Anyways, I’ve been in IFATC for over a year now, and it’s a great place, full of friendly people that stay up super late to control.
Great experience there and on the expert server.


In my personal opinion, IFATC is more than just a group of ES controllers. Somehow, I feel IFATC encourages us to be more closer with others in the group. Some members have good banter skills so it’s pretty fun. Especially with presences of some people which give colours to the group. We also know other foreign cultures from other members which come from different backgrounds. You won’t regret your decision to join this awesome team. I’m waiting for your presence in IFATC ;)


You‘ve pretty much answered it yourself :)
Was controlling late ;)

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The experience is whatever you make it.

I’ve had the privelage to lead this awesome group and learn far more than I could ever teach them. You’ll be a part of a multi-cultural team that’s full of pride and skill. We’ve got so many seasoned controllers that mentor every single day, we’re full of real-world aviators, and like many pointed out before, it’s an all around great place to make friends.

Countless IFATC members have already met and share friendships that now extend well beyond Infinite Flight. Keep pushing and join with an open mind. You’ll learn a great deal and can say you were a part of making it that much better!


I’m also trying to get on the team, but I think I have a lot to learn to be successful in this team. 😅


The hardest thing to get used to is the communication while controlling, so get practice with that somehow. We all help eachother learn and get better, and we don’t bite. If you ever have any questions just ask one of us. It’s a great group of people and some of my best experiences using Infinite Flight have been in the past month or so controlling in the IFATC.