IFATC Takeover: The Land of the Rising Sun

Located on the eastern area of Asia is one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced countries named Japan. Japan is known for it’s fantastic scenery, being many volcanos, craters, lakes, and mountains also hosting a large amount of IFR traffic. Many VFR flights happen around Japan too bringing some great opportunities to visit smaller airports located throughout the country

The event is a 2 hour long takeover of 16 airports throughout Japan. It’s likely that pilots attending may receive gate to gate service if flying domestically so hop in your favorite aircraft and have fun!

Event Information

Date & Time. 2022-06-05T00:00:00Z2022-06-05T02:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server


  • Fly and Follow all expert server rules and guidelines. In addition, acknowledge and follow all ATC instructions.

  • Center will cover approach for all airports within the airspace that are uncontrolled or have vacant approach / departure frequencies.

  • Center Coverage is split among two frequencies, both named Fukuoka Center. 128.000 will cover Tokyo (RJTT) and everything to the north. 127.000 will cover Chubu Centrair (RJGG) and everything to the south.

Airport Assignments

Centers | FIR

ICAO Sector Frequency Controller
RJOK Fukuoka South 127.000 @Kamryn
RJSS Fukuoka North 128.000 -


ICAO Airport Ground Tower Approach Departure
RJTT Tokyo Haneda (3D) @Aceorbit @Aceorbit - -
RJAA Tokyo Narita - - @SB110 @SB110
RJBB Osaka Kansai - - - -
RJOO Osaka Itami - - - -
RJGG Chubu Centrair - - - -
RJOB Hiroshima N/A - - -
RJSS Sendai - - - -
RJSN Niigata N/A - - -
RJSA Aomori (3D) N/A - N/A N/A


ICAO Airport Ground Tower Approach Departure
RJFR Fukuoka - - - -
RJFU Nagasaki - - - -
RJFR Kitakyushu - - - -
RJFK Kagoshima - - - N/A


ICAO Airport Ground Tower Approach Departure
RJCC New Chitose - - - -
RJCH Hakodate - - - -
RJEC Asakihawa N/A - N/A N/A

Event Sponsor


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ANA Virtual Group Official Thread

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All Nippon Airways Virtual Group is proudly sponsoring this event! Explore Japan and beyond with one of the best VAs in the community! ANA Virtual Group is Infinite Flight’s leading IFVARB-certified Japanese virtual organization. It brings in the megapolis of Tokyo, the scenic Mount Fuji, and the cosmopolitan Osaka in addition to connecting Japan to the world with a diverse array of international destinations. The pilots and staff members are extremely friendly and welcoming.


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