IFATC Supervisor Stories: Edition 9

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Supervisor Stories: Edition 9

Welcome back to the ninth edition of Supervisor Stories… it’s been a while! Each edition of Supervisor Stories will introduce you to a handful of supervisors from the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control team as they share their IFATC story and journey with the wider community. The IFATC Supervisor Team and the community as a whole is full of people from around the world, with a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences so there will never be a dull moment. With that being said, enjoy the ninth edition of Supervisor Stories!

Captain_Dreamliner | IFATC Supervisor

Captain_Dreamliner's Supervisor Story

Hello everyone! My name is Rohith also known as Captain_Dreamliner (yes I love the Dreamliner). I’m a fellow avgeek who was introduced to Infinite Flight way back in 2017.

I joined IFATC back in 2022. Two years in, I can without a doubt say it was the best decision I’ve made. I’ve met so many wonderful people and made great friends.

It’s a privilege to become an IFATC Supervisor. I’d like to thank IFATC for this opportunity.

From being afraid of flying on the Expert Server, to becoming an IFATC Supervisor. It was quite the journey, and I’m glad I could be a part of the Infinite Flight family!

JetSuperior5192 | IFATC Supervisor

JetSuperior5192’s Supervisor Story

Hola a todos. My name is Mateo. Some of you know me from a while back, others may not. I live in México, home of the famous tacos, mariachi and of course, the big fanaticism that destroys Mexico’s Football (football in Mexico stinks anyway). Either way… at the time I write this, I’m now an IFATC Supervisor, as well as an IFATC Tester. It was a long way to get here. 3 years since I joined IFATC, although on 2 breaks…

I joined for the first time in 2020; December, in fact. But that after a pretty funny recruitment process, failing the first attempt of the written test by just ONE MISTAKE. But with dedication, I passed the written test on the second attempt, and passed the practical test at the first try. At that time, you could only take training if you failed the practical once, and I was like: “No, I want to get there”. So started using my tracking thread, practiced a lot through it. I remember I opened the day before the test, and I’ve got 7 people to join, and fly patterns. I felt very ready when I managed to resolve a double-upwind conflict during that session. And so then, I took the practical, and It was almost flawless. My recruiter was Darius Glover, and I still thank him for what he taught me and for all the advice he gave me, both for my tower and radar recruitment.

So I joined, started controlling, started attending Training Time’s, and then I’ve met the requirements to become an officer. So I applied for radar, with Darius. My trainer for that was the great AsternAviation, who I still thank him a lot for what he taught to me. Many sessions, many crashes, many ups and downs, and some months later, I became radar certified. (Mid 2021 I believe). So I started controlling radar, still helping in training sessions as a pilot, until school intensified… making myself inactive, so I left at the end of 2021, almost getting my year in IFATC.

School got relaxed due to the 2022 vacation, so I re-applied. ToasterStroodie was my recruiter. I didn’t have to take the written test again since I was returning after a short time. My test was a stinker though, I trusted myself too much, on an intersecting airport for the test. I still somehow passed though, but I was really expecting a one week fail. Then controlled again, and did what I usually do. Unfortunately, I’ve got some issues after just a month or so, forcing me to leave IFATC again. Felt sad at the beginning, but in the end, this was a good opportunity to relax, to concentrate in school, and to socialize more. The break lasted like 10 months or something, but it was really useful.

And someday in 2023, something came in my mind: “What If I join IFATC again?”. I had to consider the question quite a lot, as it took some of my time in the past, while I could’ve been doing a lot of other things. So, in the end I decided to join, with my own condition that I distribute my time in my life: if there’s school with exams, I must then concentrate on those. So with that In mind, I reapplied, again. In a record time of 7 hours or so, I got contacted by RickG to start recruitment. I had to take the written test since it was a long absence, but I passed it with a 100%. I decided to take training this time, with Syncline ending up training me. I only needed 2 sessions, but he pushed me to my absolute limit, which I’m actually grateful for. “Warmed my engine faster” = passed the test easily. I re-joined in April, 2023, and I currently stand here.

After my Specialist CR was waived, I applied for Radar right away, also with Rick. And then I got training from Metier, who apart from bringing me back to the Officer rank, he taught me new techniques in radar, which I use in my sessions nowadays. During my training, I finally passed SCEL, but it was very long due to lack of pilots, causing many sessions to be canceled. But in the end, I did it all, and then passed my radar test on a very hard airport (Rick, I still have nightmares about it (just kidding), but again, you are really such a nice person). After my Officer repromotion, I started controlling more, and attending a lot of Training Times, with the little target on becoming a Tester. And so I did. One night, October 2023, I was minding my own business when I received a PM from Tyler, welcoming me and a bunch of other people to the Tester Team. I was really happy to know that I can help a lot more than I usually do. So I started attending tests. Some of those are good, some others terrible. Even so, I was very happy with everything: I cared about my life first while I contributed to IFATC; from controlling, to troll people lol. (In a good way btw). School exams happened, I finished my semester, spent Christmas and new year with my family, went on a trip, enjoyed my life… I was very happy and grateful for everything.

Until today, January 1st, 2024, what It supposed to be a normal day. I go to the IFC and I see an incoming DM. I thought it was for an incident I had in my session in BOM, until I entered the message: “Congratulations on the Promotion to ATC Supervisor” - Tyler. I was left speechless, still I am. I never expected this. Caught me off guard, but I’m very happy! 3 years since I joined here. So with that, I commence a new chapter with a big responsibility of guiding new controllers and officers, as well as for advising controllers (and maybe control MMUN GTADS hehe).

See you soon, and don’t make me report you! 😉

Joel_Albert | IFATC Supervisor

Joel_Albert's Supervisor Story

Hello Guys,

My name is Joel. I am 24 years old and am currently living in Germany. I have been an aviation lover ever since I was a kid. Last year I was searching for Flight Simulator games and came across Infinite Flight. I love the game ever since. Weeks later I flew for an IFC Event organised by Dan and I was really shocked and amused at the work of the IFATC controllers and hence decided to apply myself. And here begins my IFATC story…

My Local Recruiter was Darius and my trainer was Ricky. They both were very helpful and made me an awesome local controller as I am today. Two months later I applied for Radar Training and to be honest, even though it was very exciting, it was quite stressful for me. Danish was my trainer and I still remember those voice calls after each Training Session in order to teach me the correct things and point out where I made mistakes and where I could improve. The Radar Training was quite a hustle, but I was really happy to have Danish as my Trainer. All thanks to him, I am who I am today.

After promotion to Officer Rank, I started slowly and climbed up the steps in Radar services for IF. And eventually as of today, you guys have to tell me how good I am…

Joining IF and most importantly IFATC were the best decisions I made. I made so many amazing friends and friendships. It is a great family. I am really excited to meet few of them in the near future.

That said and done, I am really thankful to the Staff and those involved in choosing me as a Supervisor. It was the best thing I could get for New Year. I wake up and see many Congratulation DMs to me and then I opened IFC and saw the message.

And to the pilot. Hope to see you all in the skies, Take care and happy flying!

Thanks for tuning in to the ninth edition of Supervisor Stories. These stories and this initiative is designed for community members to gain an understanding of what the journey into and through IFATC can entail and to encourage community members that are contemplating joining IFATC to do so, as it is certainly an experience you won’t regret as shown above by the stories of the supervisors.

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Thanks for the support. Glad you enjoyed the stories!

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