IFATC Supervisor Stories: Edition 5

Supervisor Stories: Edition 5 | July 2022

Welcome back to the fifth edition of Supervisor Stories! Each edition of Supervisor Stories will introduce you to a handful of supervisors from the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control team as they share their IFATC story and journey with the wider community. The IFATC Supervisor Team and the community as a whole is full of people from around the world, with a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences so there will never be a dull moment. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fifth edition of Supervisor Stories as we meet and learn the stories of more supervisors from the Infinite Flight ATC team!

Othman_Asli | IFATC Supervisor

Othamn_Asli's Supervisor Story

Hello Community, My name is Othman_Asli, I am 20 years old. Many of you will not know me yet, others will know me from the great IFATC family and others, you will know me through my Instagram account in which I am currently inactive. With that being said, I’m going to introduce myself:
I was born and I still live in Barcelona, Spain. My story with IF started in 2015, at that time I was only playing in solo mode. I loved IF and for 2017 I decided to start by buying my first subscription and join the community forum. In my personal life I currently work at the Barcelona Airport as a Ramp Agent by Ryanair company and I’m waiting to start university.
What goals do I have in IF? My main goals are to help as much as I can and to be able to contribute my grain of sand to the great community.
On the other hand, I also feel very proud and very fortunate to be a Supervisor at IFATC, I only have words of thanks to the entire IFATC team, especially Tyler!
And nothing more to say I hope you liked it and see you in the Sky!

Syncline | IFATC Supervisor and Trainer

Syncline's Supervisor Story

Hello everyone, introduce me Ricky. At IFATC I act as Supervisor and Trainer. My experience at IFATC began in 2021, one of the people who encouraged me to become an IFATC controller was Ramzi and also at that time there were quite a few IFATC controllers from Indonesia. In short, I immediately signed up and soon got a Recruiter, namely @RoyalJordanian. Like most people, I created an ATC Tracking Thread to get started with the basics on local frequency. Finally, on February 16, 2021, I became part of the IFATC family. Then after 3 months of joining IFATC I again contacted Jamal to be my radar recruiter and decided to choose Antoine as my Radar trainer. I had been training with him for almost 2 months and it came to a point where I have to do my practical test for radar. Phew, fortunately, I passed the practical test on June 14, 2021, although the test results were less than satisfactory.
During the 2021 summer holidays and the COVID-19 outbreak in Germany, which was so high at that time, I was quite active in participating in the official training at IFATC as traffic in each session. Shortly after I passed the practical test and became an Officer (CR) I was trusted to become an IFATC Tester on June 24, 2021. As a tester, I have a newer enthusiasm and motivation at IFATC, especially in helping trainers during the official training time and recruiters on several IFATC Tests.
As time went on, it was early September, time seemed to stop when I learned that I had been diagnosed with liver cancer. I thought about quitting IFATC and didn’t want to play Infinite flight anymore. Until one day I told Alexandre about this and he motivated me to stay strong in the face of this, from then on I thought “Okay, I will be at IFATC as well as fill my time to distract myself from this cancer”.
Days go by, I still continue to help the trainers become traffic in almost every session and take the IFATC test several times, both initial test and radar test, although not as often as before.
It arrived on October 24th to be exact. JoshFly contacted me with an offer on whether I could become an IFATC Trainer. My hands were cold and shocked at the same time, how could I be selected as a Trainer. By thinking for a moment I agreed to this offer and also with the experience that I tried to learn from the trainers during my many training times, I was confident enough to accept this offer. Finally, I became an IFATC Trainer until now. About 5 months later, March 15, 2022 to be exact. Tyler sent a PM via Discord to me that I got a promotion to IFATC Supervisor. That night I was quite surprised once again because I never expected to get a promotion to become an IFATC Supervisor.
1 year and 1 month I’ve been at IFATC, it’s not a short time. During that time I was able to get to know new people with different characters from all over the world. Many thanks to Tyler for trusting me and also to other people who I often bother with various questions especially RoyalJordanian, Antoine_Turrian, JoshFly, Alexandre, Juan, Taipei, Eddie, Nico and many more who can’t I mention one by one. Last but not least, I have a principle that I hold that maybe IF community can try to apply: “Be patient and continue to help others no matter how small the help.”

Declan_O | IFATC Supervisor


Declan's Supervisor Story

Hello, my name is Declan and I am 20 years old. I live in Melbourne, Australia but I’m originally from a town just west of Glasgow in Scotland. I am currently an IFATC Supervisor for the Infinite Flight ATC team and I’m also a former trainer and recruiter as well as a former moderator here on the Infinite Flight Community.
I joined IFATC back in October 2017 and I’ve certainly had my fair share of ups and downs throughout my time here, but they have all been learning experiences and have made me the person that I am today. After becoming local certified I began controlling pretty frequently, usually every day as it was always a great time helping keep the skies of Infinite Flight safe. After a while, I decided to began radar training and my original trainer for radar was @RAH who taught me some of the fundamentals that I still use to this day.
However, during my time training with Regan, I got removed from IFATC due to a multitude of reasons including not maintaining the service expected and professional flying expected of IFATC members. I was removed and actually suspended from the forum “permentantly”.
Luckily however, after a long time I was given a second chance, a chance to prove that I have changed and one thing I remember @Tyler_Shelton saying to me is that “actions speak louder than words” and I still go by that to this day. With that in mind, I gave it another crack and I was fortunate after some hard work and dedication to eventually become radar certified after I received some fantastic training from my mate across the pond, @MJhendo.
When I became radar certified I enjoyed opening up approach and departure due to the “freedom” that you have to control with your own style and vectors compared to local that has pre-set commands. I’ve never been one to control busy airspaces and I’m still not to this day. I’ve always been one to focus on quality of controlling and maintaining the high standard expected of IFATC instead of quantity and operations.
Then the time came, where I received a message from Tyler and Josh asking if I would be interested in becoming an IFATC Trainer and of course I said yes! Being a trainer was a great privilege and still to this day, I remember the rewarding feeling of seeing a trainee learn and grow with you as you train them up on all aspects of controlling and it’s fantastic when you see them join and climb the ranks of IFATC and sometimes even become trainers and recruiters themselves.
After some time, I was asked by Tyler if I was interested in becoming a recruiter for Australia to help with the operational demand in the Oceania region and you guessed it, I said yes! Running tests for aspiring candidates was fantastic and to even play a small part in helping IFATC grow and welcoming new controllers to the family, it was very rewarding.
With the promotion to IFATC Recruiter also came the rank of IFATC Supervisor which includes attending check rides for controllers and providing feedback to them when/if required.
In conclusion, I’ve certainly had my ups and downs in IFATC and the IFC but I wouldn’t change it for anything because it’s made me who I am today and taught me some valuable life lessons that I never thought a flight simulator would do, but it wasn’t the flight simulator it was the aviation community, you reading this that all played a massive part in my time here.
I can’t wait to see what the future holds and I appreciate the support on the Supervisor Stories initiative.

Thanks for tuning in to the fifth edition of Supervisor Stories. These stories and this initiative is designed for community members to gain an understanding of what the journey into and through IFATC can entail and to encourage community members that are contemplating joining IFATC to do so, as it is certainly an experience you won’t regret as shown above by the stories of the supervisors.


Really cool stories! Great job with this edition, Declan and the team!


Oh my. Wish you all the best!


Amazing stories as always! They are very encouraging too. Thanks for sharing them! 🤩

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Amazing stories as always! They are always awesome to read. Thanks for sharing them! 😍

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Thanks so much Daniel, glad you enjoyed the stories!

That’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to start this initiative, to encourage others and show what is possible if you put in the hard work and dedication.

Glad you enjoyed the stories and thanks so much for the support!


Another great edition Declan! Thanks again for sharing these!


Awesome job Declan! Love reading these stories!


Thanks so much for the kind words and support, Rick. Greatly appreciated!

Glad you love reading these stories. Appreciate the support!


I really like these episodes @Declan . Keep em going. I love to see how people share their evolvement and „career“ with and within the community. Also a big shoutout to my radar trainer @Syncline I still wish you all the best. Stay strong man!


Thanks so much for the support. It’s greatly appreciated and I’m glad you enjoy each edition!

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Nice, I like the idea of introduction of the ifatc supervisor team, makes you know who you’ll work with once applied.

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I’m glad you enjoyed this edition. You should also check out the newer August 2022 edition if you are interested, which I’ve linked below for your convenience:

It certainly does provide a great opportunity to introduce the IFATC Supervisor Team to the wider community and provides an opportunity for the IFATC Supervisors to share their stories as well as being a great tool for aspiring controllers to learn about members of the team they plan on joining in the future.

Thanks for the support!

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