IFATC Stay at Home - KONT Ontario International Airport


One of the United State’s busiest cargo airports, Ontario, a hub for UPS, is located 38 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. With international service to Mexico as well as China Airlines service to Taipei, Ontario is another one of those “unknown” SoCal airports.

Thanks to Ontario’s long runways (runway 8L/26R is longer than three of the four runways at LAX), it is often an alternate landing site for large aircraft destined for LAX. Due to Ontario’s small customs facilities and limited connecting flights, such flights typically do not disembark passengers at Ontario. Diverted aircraft are typically refueled before continuing on to LAX.


Recommended Routes/Flight Time/Disance:

•KONT- KOAK/2.75hr/314.5nm
•KONT-KBJC/6.25hr/694.1nn Long Haul
•KBUR-KONT/0.5hr/31.0nm. GA Route
•KSAN-KONT/1hr/81.9nm GA Route
•KDEN-KONT/6.5hr/711.4nm Long Haul
•KPDX-KONT/6.25hr/728.6nm Long Haul

Non-Ontario GA Routes

• KSNA-KSMO/0.5hr/35.6nm GA Route
•KBUR-KLGB/0.25hr/25.1nm GA Route

Active Controller Hours (subject to change)
*All times are originated in MST

*Should times change, notice will be given here
First time slot reduced
Second time slot removed

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