IFATC Southeast USA Takeover!

Hello fellow pilots! I and quite a bit of other IFATC controllers have decided to start doing IFATC region takeovers to build traffic in certain regions! This will consist of 1-2 main hubs as well as secondary airports to fly in and out of! This will be a tracking thread for every time we do this. We will usually be open for at least 2 hours to let you all have time to fly a route! Every time we do a takeover, all information will be posted in the replies.


Just some food for thought, perhaps individual event threads for your takeovers would work better…


Let’s fly regional in the Southeast!

Tonight’s takeover will be regional flying in the Southeast themed! The states that will have airports featured are Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and possibly more depending on how many controllers we get.

Time: 2022-03-06T02:00:00Z→2022-03-06T04:00:00Z

Main Hubs

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL)
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT)

Secondary Airports

Myrtle Beach (KMYR)
Charleston (KCHS)
Raleigh Durham (KRDU)
Greenville Spartanburg (KGSP)
Columbia (KCAE)

We will try to staff as many of these as we can!

True, I will do that.

This event is starting!


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