IFATC Solocup

Why is @Solocup no longer a recruiter? He hasn’t been seen since July and his bio is till saying he’s a recruiter, I’ve just noticed that his name isn’t on the recruiter list anymore
Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

He could have left IFATC, or left IF in general. Maybe they just forgot to add him, it could be a number of reasons. I would contact @Tyler_Shelton since he is in charge of IFATC.

No but Tyler edited it two days ago and removed him, his bio still says he’s a recruiter

No need to PM anyone. Recruiters come and go for many reasons.

Probably because he’s not signed in since July 13?


Oh, is that it? I was sort of expecting a more complicated answer

You’re asking why it says so in his bio… that’s the answer.
His removal from recruitment most likely came after that. I don’t know, it’s on Tylers desk.
But it’s also not something that really matters - if he’s not in the topic, he’s not a recruiter.


Ok, now that I think about it that was quite a stupid question to ask 🤦‍♂️ Apologies


We all have our less bright moments :)


Reason: Life