IFATC session timelapse

Hey, so today I decided to do something different.
Some of you may know I just became part of IFATC :). At FNF day I controlled TFFJ after @Astreal had to leave.
Hope you enjoy😄

Here’s a picture of the operations :)

Any feedback is appreciated😄
Thank you, have a good day😊


Nice work! Looks great

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Looks amazing!

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Well for a start, amazing editing and videomanship skills.

Secondly that map is very busy 😂😂😂

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Yes it is hahaha

Looks more busier than my bank account but that’s besides the point

That was the result of over an hour controlling😬

@JuliusFlight @Vignesh_S thank you, really appreciate it😊

We love that 😂👌

And thank you I’m trying to become a Expert controller myself

Amazing video! That looked like a very nice session!

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Yes it was, but very busy though.
But I had the holy commands:

Maintain slowest practical speed
Extend downwind, I’ll call your base

@JuliusFlight take a look at this, hope to see you on the team soon

Very cool, I love any and all types of ATC timelapses, keep up the great work!

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Nice job! You did an amazing job! :)

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thanks Shane, i’ll definitely do more in the future.

Thank you @Astreal

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Hey! Thanks for the link. I got the trust level in just one day I am so happy!! First thing when I get home is apply for recruiting! Can’t wait!!!

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Can’t wait to see you in the team, good luck on your tests😁

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