IFATC Session Timelapse at LSZH

LSZH IFATC Timelapse

Posting something different from what I normally post, a timelapse video of the ATC session I did today.

Some info about the timelapse…

Airport: Zürich Airport (LSZH)
Time: 8am - 9am EDT (1200z - 1300z)

@Bryan4558 (Ground)
@SamC (Tower/Atis)
@NJ24 (Approach)
@Balloonchaser (Center)

Here’s the timelapse…

Feedback is appreciated, and thanks for watching :)


Amazing teamwork, wonderful job. Keep it up!

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WOW! That just put the biggest smile on my face. Watching all of those planes on the runways with how the runways were intersecting was amazing! Also great work on ground this morning. Definitely make more of these.

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I love it!!!

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This is so satisfying to watch :)


Amazing work at Zurich , really u guys work very hard to maintain realism 💯💯❤️

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Beautiful timelapse and ATC service! I was ISP

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It was so cool when I was landing and I could see the intersection departures fly right above me. It was amazing service and due to pilot error there were some interesting cancelled takeoffs, which are always fun

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This is my favorite IFATC timelapse out of all. So smooth and organized

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Thanks everyone for the support of this video! It was really my first time creating a timelapse video from Infinite Flight, and it turned out much better than I expected… :)

@SamC @Shane @Blue_Lantern @Davide_Av @sqeezelemon


Wonderful! ATC service was fantastic!

Beautiful time-lapse! Definitely enjoyed my flight that day, the atc service was beyond excellent.

Looks great ! Well done!

Thank you! @Andy350 @Planeviation @Vignesh_S

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14 as main landing RWY and 16/28 for DEPs, way to go, great job!

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Thanks, appreciate it!


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Thank you!

Incredible job, that was fun to watch!

Saw my arrival as Scandinavian 605 pretty cool, very good job on the ATC BTW.