IFATC Service at SBGL

Hi all, I’m looking for a little clarification on a matter with IFATC.

For starters, at SBGL, the ATIS is stating that departures are off of runways 28 and 33 (pictures will be attached). The flow of traffic backs this up.
The issue is that the only ATC preferred SID (the ALMO1A) ONLY departs off of 28, and ATC is only giving taxi instruction to 33, despite 28 being listed as a departing runway.

I’m at a loss what to do within the game. There is no way to express my intention to go to 28, despite requesting that runway specifically. And I don’t mind departing from 33, but the SID isn’t for 33. Am I supposed to disregard the established procedure? I’m I allowed to pick my own that DOES serve 33?

A little guidance and input will be most appreciated.


Your best bet is to privately message the controller. How long ago did this occur?


Hello I was the approach controller there. Once I opened the airport, I had the controller change the SID. It was most likely a misclick. If you would like to chat further about the matter, please contact @Nathan_A via pm


It’s occurring as we speak. I’m at the gate trying to figure out what to do.

I have PM’d the controller, but I don’t except a response yet as they’re actively in the game, which is totally understandable.

Is this happening now? Because it happened earlier as well

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Yes, this is happening now. I was in game about 20 minutes ago, had a similar issue so I despawned, and respawned closer to 28 to make it easier on the ground controller, but I’m still getting a 33 taxi instruction.

Again, I don’t mind departing off of 33, but the SID doesn’t line up with that instruction.

I will let the controller know but if you want to speak with him, contact @BostonStrongWill


I will add that it says that the use of Procedures is “recommended”, not “required”.

Feel free to utilize any SID you’d like for the runway or if you’d prefer, simply don’t use one at all in this case.


Already done! Eagerly awaiting his reply whenever he gets a second.

Ah, I was under the impression that the recommended SID’s were mandatory. Perhaps I am misinformed.

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There are two ATIS remarks. “Use of procs required”, and “use of procs recommended”.


Thank you for letting me know that!

I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t needlessly walking myself into an avoidable violation by doing something dumb.


Hi all-
Issue is being resolved now! Procedures were recommended not required. ATIS was slow to update as the ATIS/tower controller was very busy. When traffic gets busy all should be aware that unexpected changes to the flow of the airport may occur.

Thanks for your inquiry and questions. If anyone else has an issue, please feel free to pm me.