IFATC schedule

Mhm might need you there to guide me be my saviour 😂😂 only joking you name the airport n I’ll go to it 🤠

Honselty how can i not see the atc schedule 😂🤣🤣

might of show different …recent topics?

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Maybe dunno lol

If anyone wants to do a long haul I can recommend CYYZ/CYUL-LROP (AC A330) or Air Bridge Cargo (748) from Hong Kong , ZHCC-LROP (Nordwind 772) . All of these are real routes.
On another note, if anyone is planning to control LROP tomorrow. Runway 08L/26R will be closed for 3 months starting Tomorrow so when not busy and if possible, I recommend using 08R/26L as much as possible.

Or just close them could be soma to say to Tyler n see what he can do in terms of that for it to be really realistic @Tyler_Shelton

It will be very busy in the evening so I don’t think closing it is an option.

I have no idea what you’re asking, but I think you can find a good route on your own. I spend hours making the schedule each week so the 10 minutes it takes to find a unique route to somewhere new can be your part of the deal. 🙂

Wikipedia is a good resource if you want to know what airlines service a particular airport and where they go. Happy hunting!


Who could I contact in terms of the runway being closed would that be something to ask Misha!?

We don’t follow real world NOTAMs and closures unless it’s a permanent thing that has not yet been edited, much like Auckland for some time. All available runways would be used.