IFATC schedule

out of the open airports atc tomorrow what airport do you reckon will be the busiest as I’m going to do one massive over night trip!

Estimates and opinions are welcome
Nate :)

Most likely Bucharest or Antalya.


My best guess would be LROP. Although there’s a chance LYBE and LBSF will be busy as well.

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Yea most probably but we won’t know until they open the atc

Well it’s the biggest airport, so it’s most likely the most busiest in IF.

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@BritishAirways001 @CaptainHugh @Will_A what’s the longest flight to these airports? (7-8hrs)

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Well these might not be 7-8 hours and not be real flights but EGLL-LROP EHAM-LROP EGCC-LROP EIDW-LROP

Is the B772 Able to fly to LROP because I am planning a flight and I don’t want to change my destination

Aye anything long helps I’ll just stay up all night lol 😂😂

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Yeah jus do max fuel then dump near if extra fuel left

Probably going to fly from EGLL TO LROP

What time could do joint flight I’ll have wifi all night jus name the park and dep time

The ATC schedule by @Tyler_Shelton should be coming out soon yall! So keep an eye out for that to see the atc schedule for tomorrow. 😀

It’s already out.

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It’s been pinned for the last 5 hours… 😬


My mistake 😅

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For some reason i was looking at the-

Oh this is embarrassing lol

If saw the schedule and I’ve saw him in game earlier looking forward just don’t want to set my destination to an airport that open tmrw n like 3 people are there 😂

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LROP will pretty much guarantee a decent amount of traffic. If you live in North America check the inbound levels in 6 or 7 hours, that’s normally pretty telling of the next day.

Please do though! Imagine if everyone chose an airport they don’t normally pick. There would no longer be 3 people there!

Expand your horizons, pick somewhere you’ve never been and help encourage more diversity. I’m scheduling it. Your turn to fly it. 🙂