IFATC schedule

Hello there! How do I constantly have an up to date IFATC schedule? I have the 20-26th but that has expired today…
Thanks! 🙂

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Here is for the week commencing

I think you don’t have it pinned. I’ll help you with that. Tap on the topic I linked above and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see something like this.

Tap on Pin Globally and it will appear on the top of the forum for ya!


But where can I find it? So that I don’t keep asking every single week😅

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It should be pinned at the top. If it isn’t and you can’t find it, search #atcschedule, then pin it yourself like @Manav_Suri suggested if it isn’t pinned.


Where is IFATC schedule for next week?

Not up yet. Give it about 18 hours.