IFATC Schedule Suggestion

Hello all.

Before you bash me for hating on IFATC, I’m not, I love IFATC, I understand that they volunteer to become IFATC, they don’t have to do it.
My issue was last weeks ATC schedule. Majority of the schedule was good, but the featured airports weren’t even open sometimes. For example, Sunday (or Saturday?)
VIDP was a main airport on the schedule, but I barely saw it being opened, instead, airports such as KLAX were constantly manned.
My main suggestion that you’re waiting to hear is:
Make it compulsory for featured airports to be staffed to a minimum of Tower and Ground, before another airport that isn’t featured but is instead considered ‘Any other airport in the world’ is staffed.
Once again, not bashing IFATC, simply voicing a opinioned fix to a minor flaw.


Thank you for your feedback. Hopefully the next few days show a little more variety with airports being staffed as I believe LAX won’t be an option


Thank you! I will state again, I’m not trying to bring down IFATC, it’s a suggestion that I think could immensely improve the already high quality of IFATC service, and make a more enjoyable environment for both ATC and pilots.

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Absolutely. Your feedback was very respectful and I hope to see it carried out within the coming days 🙂


I agree that would be awesome to have a full coverage, but unfortunately it’s most likely not possible.

Most of the times these unstaffed airport are dead in terms of planes, so for an ATC wouldn’t make much sense to go there and stay stuck for an hour. (Not for everyone)

However there it is the reply to your message.


I woke up, saw LAX was open…, went back to bed


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