IFATC schedule staffing

Hi all.
Just curious to know.
I saw on the IFATC schedule a note for today’s airports. It went along the lines of
“LFPG and TXL must be fully staffed before other airports in the highlighted region are opened”
Is this being enforced? LFPG isn’t fully staffed, but EGLL is open?

Fully staffed usually mean Tower, Ground and ATIS frequencies are opened. After that IFATC may open other airports within a specified region. Approach and departure are bonuses since there are fewer radar certified controllers.


Adding to what @EpicNYC04 said, if you see LFPG or EDDT closed but some other airport opened, it doesn’t mean that someone is breaking the schedule. It just means that he either is an apprentice who can’t control at Bravo airports or that he opened before one of the main ones got closed


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