IFATC’s Expert Server Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

RJFF Ground, Tower, ATIS. Pattern work allowed!

Lugano (LSZA) Open

Visit the South of Switzerland at the lake of Lugano for incredible views, mountainous patterns, or a quick corporate flight. Grab the rare opportunity and join us! Switzerland and Milano Center are open offering approach and departure services.



KTTD ground Tower and Atis open!

Hey all! Today is ATC choice in China! This excludes the Hong Kong Area.

Have fun!

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ATC say frequency change approved… 2 times. Why pilots have no: avoid sending duplicate messages button.???

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Uhm. It’s pretty obvious… but

  1. the controller may have sent it two times accidentally.
  2. if that was really there, it would probably be abused.
  3. it doesn’t make sense for it to be there.
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I know when I click the freq change approved button, along with some others from the quick commands list at the side it’s all too easy to double tap by mistake. Also, if they were spaced out then you should probably already have tuned out of the frequency.


it had long time spaced. “abused” then if abuse, is spam frequency? then you will be ghosted

Just putting this here, if you get a frequency change approved, I and other IFATC prefer if you actually tune out and don’t stay on the frequency and listen in. Although ATC can swipe your tag away, this feature has some bugs and in a busy airspace it is much easier if pilots tune out when they are told to


ZBTJ GTS OPEN,come and do some patterns

Your best bet will be to contact your controller via PM. :)

So are you saying he said frequency changed approved and said it again some time after?

That explains it, as you should tune out of the frequency instead of staying on it.

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ZYHB GTS open come stop by im lonely

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ZSAM GTS is open, please stop by and do some pattern work!

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that we will be open today! The Hubs will be primarily open but there will be other airports open as well! Hope you guys enjoy today! Some controllers may announce when they open on this thread. Check the ATC Schedule for more info!


I’m open at KHPN if anyone wants to stop for patterns or a quick flight.

Hey guys, im open at SCEL for patterns or flights!

Would appreciate some patterns at EGNM.

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Opening KATL shortly. :)

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LFLJ is open. I strongly encourage you to test this airport out. It is similar to Lukla… but it has a 30ft longer runway!!! Will be open for another 20min!!!

Srry something came up. Had to leave.