IFATC’s Expert Server Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

ZBAA–the second busiest airport in the world-- Tower, ground and ATIS are now open! Please come! Everyone is welcomed.


Hey everyone and welcome to the second IFATC at Home event! I will open up this thread for all of IFATC to announce where they’re open, but if you want to search for a specific airport, I have attached the IFATC at Home guide below. Have fun!

To start off, I will be opening at Perth International (YPPH) around the top of the hour (0600Z). Cheers!


Zurich (LSZH) Open

IFATC at Home has officially started. Visit us at Zurich airport, which is offering a wide range of worldwide connections. Please find the selected routes below.

Recommended Routes
Flight Number Livery Aircraft Destination Flight Time Note
LX724 Swiss A319 Amsterdam (EHAM) 1:40 Deliver your passengers at one of the world’s biggest junctions of commercial aviation featuring 6 different runways. IFATC Thread
LX646 Swiss A321 Paris (LFPG) 1:25 Paris is always an excellent choice. Arrive in style at the airport of Charle de Gaulle with the elegant A321 of Swiss.
U28118 Easyjet A320 Gatwick (EGKK) 1:45 Be sure to spawn at the remote stand sector C at LSZH - one of the world’s most expensive airports - as Easyjet dispenses with gangways. IFATC Thread
LX8 Swiss B77W Chicago (KORD) 9:45 If you are looking for a long-haul flight with active ATC at your departure and destination airport, this flight is for you. IFATC Thread
LX380 Swiss A321 Manchester (EGCC) 1:50 Due to special regulations, only one runway will be in use, so make sure to fuel your plane sufficient. IFATC Thread
LX1100 Swiss A319 Munich (EDDM) 0:50 Voted as Europe’s best airport (2019), the hub of the south features two parallel runways creating a continuous traffic flow. IFATC Thread
LX1574 Swiss A321 Vienna (LOWI) 1:25 There is nothing better than visiting the beautiful country of Austria. The booked out flights to its capital require the A321.
LX1678 Swiss A319 Florence (LIRQ) 1:15 Visit Florence in the beautiful Toscana, the cradle of Renaissance. The airport features a challenging approach due to a mountain in front of the runway.
BA8766 British Airways E190 London City (EGLC) 1:45 When following real-world procedures, London City features one of the most exciting approaches. IFATC Thread
LX4580 Swiss A321 Lisbon (LPPT) 2:55 Experience beautiful Iberian landscapes during the three-hour flight in which you pass various countries.

EDDM (Munich) is now open! Visit my thread for additional information as well as recommended routes of all kind:

London City Airport (EGLC) — CLOSED

EGLC TGS Closed @ 10:30:16Z.

For more information, see the IFATC at Home — London City Airport thread.

EHEH is open
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CYKA is now OPEN!

Fly between CYVR and CYKA for some amazing views, and a fun approach at CYKA!

London City Airport — OPEN


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Looking for some Midwest fun, come to KMKE (Controlled by @AviationReports) and KATW (Controlled by @Shane) I will be open for a little bit and Shane will be open for the next 2-3 hours!

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KIAD is now open everyone! Just a short hope from KJFK or KBOS- we even have approach ;) Come stop by and enjoy flying into beautiful Washington Dulles Int’l!

ZBAD is now open! It’s one of the FEW large International airports open inn EAST ASIA right now. We welcome any long-haul international flights, domestic flights, and pattern work. I will open for at least 3 hours. Thank you. :)

LEZL (Sevilla) Is open!

Want to do pattern work, fly to a wide range of destination or just fly VFR, this is your airport

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Swiss Alps: Sion (LSGS) Now Closed

Come and visit us as the sun sets over the spectacular region of Valais. Due to uncommon winds, planes arriving from the east have the chance to experience a challenging circling approach in the beautiful valley of Sion. Below you will find a few recommended routes.

Please note that the largest aircraft permitted is an A321/B737.

Recommended Routes
Aircraft Destination Flight Time Note
C750/CRJ2 Innsbruck (LOWI) 0:50 Innsbruck is one of the world’s most dangerous and legendary airports. The controller kindly asks you to have a look at the real-world procedure charts before landing.
TBM9 Zurich (LSZH) 0:40 Fly to Switzerland’s main hub on the other side of the country. LSZH features multiple General Aviation Sector all around the airport for you to choose from.
C750/CRJ2 Cannes (LFMD) 0:50 This route reminds you of your nostalgia of the Côte d’Azur. Enjoy the incredible Ligurian landscape on the short flight direction Cannes.
TBM9 Courchevel (LFLJ) 0:30 Courchevel is one of the world’s most dangerous and legendary airports. We suggest training for the approach on solo mode prior to departure as one can easily get lost.
C750/CRJ2 Biggin Hill (EGKB) 1:30 Known as one of Europe’s busiest private jet airports Biggin Hill is the perfect gateway to the city of London.
C750/CRJ2 Paris (LFPB) 1:00 Paris is always an excellent choice. Arrive in style at the private jet airport Le Bourget with your aircraft of choice.
TBM9 Lugano (LSZA) 0:30 Lugano forms the heart of Switzerland’s Italian part and offers an extremely steep and exciting approach for runway 01.

Update: Runway 25 is in use featuring an ILS approach. The landing from this side is as scenic as the other side though!

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Come to KABE - Lehigh Valley International now!

Come visit Canada! The two biggest cities, Toronto (CYYZ) and Montreal (CYUL) are both open!


Why is this flagged?


ZBAD is opened again

Who knows… Tbh I think the flagging system is kind of weird but 🤷‍♂️

CYVR is now Open!

Come fly some regional flights!

Suggested routes are:

  • CYYJ - CYVR [~15 mins]

  • CYKA - CYVR [~30-40 mins]

  • CYYF - CYVR [~45 mins]

  • CYYC - CYVR [~1h15 mins]

  • CYPW - CYVR [20 mins]


KRSW is open for business. Come for patterns, or maybe hop on a short flight to/from MIA!