IFATC´s Austria-Takeover at 1800z today!

Welcome to the IFATC Austria-Takeover! -

What can you expect?

  • IFATC will staff the following locations from 1800z to 1900z and onwards tonight. ( 2021-04-28T18:00:00Z):

Where can I fly to/from?

  • Feel free to fly in from a newly released Airport with 3D buildings (if using the open beta) such as EGLL, EDDM and LFPG or simply join us for a regional or General Aviation flight through the stunning Austrian mountians. There are no Limits!

How can I sign up to Controll at this Takeover?

  • If you´re a part of the IFATC Team feel free to send me Message on our workspace or reply below.

Staffed Airports:

LOWW (Wien)

Atis: @Sebastien_Cartier
Ground: @Sebastien_Cartier
Tower: @Sebastien_Cartier
: @Jakub_Astary

LOWG (Graz)

Atis: @Chris_Wing
Ground: @Chris_Wing
Tower: @Chris_Wing
Approach (119.30)
: @Chris_Wing

LOWK (Klagenfurt)

Atis: @Edoardo_C
Tower: @Edoardo_C
Approach (123.02)
: @Flying_Pencil

LOWI (Innsbruck)

*Atis: @Abel_Kocsis
Tower: @Abel_Kocsis
Approach : @DannyHL

LOWS (Salzburg)

Atis: @Fedex
Tower: @Fedex
: @Nick_Wing

LOWL (Linz)

Atis: @Rocco
Tower: @Rocco

LOXZ (Zeltwegen AB)

Atis: @Luu
Ground: @Luu
Tower: @Luu


*Wien Center (127.00): @Antoine_Turrian
Munchen Center (128.00):
Switzerland Center (129.00):
Milano Center (127.00):
Ljubljana Center (128.00):
Budapest Center (129.00):
Bratislava Center (127.00):
Praha Center (128.00):

We look forward to seing you in Austria!

Looks like a lot of fun!

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2 things what server is it one and if it is can I fly into insbrook

Hey, It’s on expert server and you can fly into insbrook if you want (correct me if im wrong)

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The approaches into Salzburg, Innsbruck, Bolzano and Lugano are surely amongst the most spectacular in the world… Hansaline 229 will be there!

Crank up your graphics settings to high people, you don’t need any 3D buildings for this one to look great 😂

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Will definitely come down!

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Can’t wait to see you there!

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Gonna be amazing!

Opening in 10 minutes. We look forward to seeing you with us!


Any specific flight plan Oskar?

Whatever you feel like flying.

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I’m at Innsbruck about to taxi to 08…heading to Linz.

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Just left Graz for Innsbruck now! Thanks for the ATC services… 😊


Just finished my flight! Thanks everyone for the excellent ATC service. The scenery is truly incredible! Nice event Oskar, well put together!

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Yep, the mountains and valleys look amazing! I’ve been exploring around Switzerland and Austria recently, so this was just what I needed… Let’s hope we keep getting more IFATC services in the area as we move into the new regime!


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