IFATC Rush Hour

Rush hour. It happens in reality, and it can happen in Infinite Flight, ironically at the same time it happens for real (obviously not in the same locations). We all have went through this living nightmare, either as a controller or pilot. Here is where you can share stories, pictures, and more about how you survived rush hour. Below is just the beginning of rush hour in KNUC.

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I LOVE rush hour because it allows me to control large amounts of traffic like in the real world at rush hour. As long as everyone follows ATC’s instructions it can be very fun to fly and control! When I control in Infinite Flight it seems like traffic comes in spurts like the other night I was controlling at TPA. I had 10-15 aircraft all departing within 10 minutes and then traffic really slowed down to like 3-5 planes in my airspace.

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This looks like an IFATC worst nightmare ;) thanks to you controllers who put up with this to make the game more realistic!!!

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I was at Aspen during rush hour! My [TravelSky] (https://travelskyif.weebly.com) was delayed about 10 minutes due to being about 10th in line for takeoff.

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