IFATC requires flight experience ?

Hi. I’m looking at IF as a portable simulator/ATC system. I’m more ATC than Flight, though I do think it helps to fly periodically to see it from the other side, so to speak, (mostly I fly on VATSIM on GA Aircraft)

My understanding , I think, is that to qualify for the IFATC, e.g. Expert ATC server, one needs to be “Grade 3”, which I’m assuming is the Grade 3 flight (e.g. 50 hours, so many landings, so many XP, few/no violations etc. I forget the exact numbers)

(Obviously I need well a significant amount of experience in the training/open server as well, but I was wondering about the specific flight requirement)

Is this correct ?


(Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. I did look ;-) )


Glad to know you’re interested in joining the team! You’re correct in saying that Grade 3 is required for becoming an IFATC. Further specific requirements can be found here:


I believe he already has these requirements. Rather, he’s asking for the requirements to be a Grade 3 pilot.

Hi @paulscottrobson ! We’d love to have you as a part of the team. Yes, a substantial amount of flight experience is required before being eligible for recruitment. I’ve linked those requirements below:

Also, you’ll need to have 500 operations, which you can gain by working ATC on the trains server. Don’t worry though! There’s no grade requirement to work ATC on the Training Server.

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Thanks to everyone who replied, much clearer now.


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