IFATC Requirements

Hello, hope everyone is having a nice day. I want to become an IFATC myself but don’t know what you need to have for it. Can someone tell me please

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Here’s all the requirements: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting.


Thx, and how long do I need to control for per session

I can help you with ATC

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Right now, there’s no set time you need to stay open. But do keep in mind, it takes time for traffic to come.

There’s a set requirement for you to stay open at a field once you get into IFATC, but you’ll learn more upon joining.

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A great way to build up ATC operations is by creating an ATC Tracking Thread, and asking people from the community to join and fly, whenever you open up airports.

There’s an excellent tutorial on how to create an ATC tracking thread of your very own. I’ve linked it below for you :)

Good luck, and hope to see you in IFATC soon!

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Also I think the old thread for ATC recruiting has been unlisted. The newest updated one is here:

The requirements haven’t exactly changed really, but there’s a lot more resources consolidated in the newer thread, to help new applicants.

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Because I controlled at an airport for 5 minutes and it didn’t count as me controlling

Thank you, that would be nice

Long enough to provide excellent air traffic controlling and not too long that the standard dips 😉

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If you’re referring to the entry requirements, there’s no minimum controlling time but a minimum of 500 ATC Operations. These operations are not dependent on the time you remain open, but the quantity of aircrafts you have under your control and the corresponding commands you send to them. You can check how many operations you’ve got in-app on the “Air Traffic Control” page on the right top corner.

Once on IFATC, there is a minimum time required to control an airport but nothing that affects you at this stage of the process.

Looking forward to see you with us soon! If you have any questions about the process, my inbox is always open.

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Oh ok, so how a many aircrafts do I need to control

An operation is counted each time a clearance is issued. More info can be found here: ATC Operations - #4 by Tyler_Shelton

Oh ok, now I get it, Thank you

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