IFATC Requirement Waiver

I was curious if I could start the recruitment process for IFATC before hitting the 500 requirement? (I have experience in the real-world as a private pilot, and am fairly familiar with the ATC process and guidelines)

The 500 ops requirement is there for a reason. Won’t take long to get that many ops too :)

It’s great you have real world experience, but you need to get used to Infinite Flights ATC interface and the commands.


Hey @Rahul_Chander and welcome to the community. Unfortunately no it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes the question also gets asked if a different grade can be given just because they have real world experience, etc…

Bottom line, the requirements are the same for everyone. As Alex said, it’s great that you have the experience and that should no doubt help you along the way. But this platform would be good to get familiar with. Keep working hard and putting in your time and you’ll be there in no time. Have a nice day!


That sounds like a plan :) Look forward to getting to know the system more


Looking forward to welcoming you to the team!

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