IFATC Report

Hi, I was flying from Wellington to Queenstown. I of course tuned into the Queenstown Approach frequency. Everything seemed okay, until he made me do a 360 for no reason. I was okay with it, although it was unnecessary. Then, he gave me vectors for a visual, until at 2000 feet, with mountains all around me, he requested me to do a 360. This was impossible to do so; and because of no traffic being on final or any on the ground. I still did it anyways and he vectored me right into the mountain next to Queenstown. His name is IFATC Juan Oosthuizen @Juan_Oosthuizen


Please PM him to discuss the issue since you already know his profile. No need to create a topic about this.


maybe he didn’t know there were mountains around you.

This is not the way to handle it. You PM’ed me and we can discuss it there. Your 360 was not for no reason, I had a perfectly good reason for that.

As of why you crashed. You can’t just turn around and fly into the aircraft behind you! Especially at NZQN with mountains all around. At NZQN there is no room for error. I did not make you fly into the mountain.

We can continue this discussion in our PM where it should be.


Alright, that’s fine. This topic can be closed now.

This topic should be close … @Sven please contact with your controller