IFATC related issue

Soooo I was in final approach on OERK and I was on ILS, so there was a center named as Mohamed_23 Something like that. He was controlling Jeddah center kept on spamming me for contacting him while I already got clearance to land, what should I even do in this situation? And he disconnected us for no reason, I was flying with my friend he was as well on final approach… he got disconnected by the same controller. I would love to report this guy as he had no reason to Disconnect us.

  1. We got clearance to land
  2. We were already on final and ILS at OERK
  3. He got no reason to spam us WHILE ITS VISIBLE we are on final.
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So what I’m hearing is, you were on tower frequency, and got cleared to land by tower. Then center started saying you were in an active airspace? How far were you from the airport?

Also, was this expert server? If it was the training server, that would be the problem, those controllers are not trained and I’d say most of them don’t really know what they are doing

If they got disconnected it means that they were on expert. You should contact appeals, or dm the controller if you find his IFC username. See here

Procedures for Appealing Violations and Providing ATC Feedback

Yeah forgot about that lol I’m too tired

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No violation was issued correct?

Hello, thanks for your message

You failed to contact me whatsoever for any clearance, additionaly I sent you an on-guard 2 times to contact you (for a possible G/A) but you both failed to do so, which resulted in a bust.

You are free to contact appeals.
Have a great day.

I was on final like 5-6 mile final

Yes it was expert server

No violation was issued but still I’m landing my friend is landing we are on ILS while being cleared to land, why is this so that we get disconnected? If we switched either way we wld hv gotten a violation

Yeah but m sure u aren’t blind to see us on final approach/in the ILS for OERK 🙂

Was there an active Tower controller at that airport?

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Please DM me and include your replay from the flight. Thanks

Yet you still busted with your friend, unsafe distance… my job is to act as approach until it is safe for me to switch you to tower. You did not even attempt to contact me, and failed to maintain a safe distance after on-guarding you multiple times.

Seems like this topic is better suited now for a private message. Looks like there is attempts already made for that as well.