IFATC Region Change FAQ - From an IFATC Controller

Hello, With the new IFATC region change, comes many questions. And I’m here to answer them. So if you have any questions, ask below; and I will reply with the answer. If I do not know the answer, others may answer, or I will ask IFATC staff. Enjoy!


How do you think VA/VO’s should cope with this? Seeing as how many VA/VO’s have Weekly Routes based on ATC schedules

Hey! It’s awesome to see other members helping out! I believe it’s be best to post them in the thread already made as many others have asked questions there already.

@Marquatzi, for your question, it might be beneficial actually! ROTW’s could be based around their own choice instead of the IFATC Schedule and IFATC members from the VA could staff events based on the region they selected.


That’s actually a good point. Guess I didn’t think about it that way. Thanks!


Yeah, like @Kamryn said. I think it will make VA’s much better. For example I’ve left 3 VA’s because I hate flying a delta A320 for example in a place like Thailand.

Now you can fly in the airlines base. Aaaannd, if there is an IFATC in your VA then you can have a better chance of IFATC at your departure/arrival airport.

I might consider joining one.


VAs/VOs may continue normally, controllers could control at that area if they are in that VA/ if they just want traffic.

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i get that, its just it would be much less cluttered here