IFATC reference to Turkey

Expert Server There is an age limit for atc for some countries, but my country (TURKEY) is not available. My age is 19, after I have completed the required qualifications, can I still apply? Thank you


Apologies, I don’t quite get what your talking about. Are you asking the minimum age to be a real life ATC in Turkey?

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i think that he means that expert server has an age limit or something… weird

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oh i think i got it. he’s saying that IFATC has age limits in countries for expert server (?) and Turkey is not one of the countries.

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Hi there!

The Turkish government doesn’t have an age limit to use our communications platform, Discord. However, Discord does require users be at least 13 years of age to use it. Therefore, at your age, you’ll be fine - you both meet the requirements for Discord, and to start your IFATC career.

To see whether you’re able to use Discord in your country, see here:

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your return

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Welcome to Infinite flight community 😃!