IFATC Recruitment

I’m just wondering on how I can contact a IFATC recruiter, I would like to apply for an IFATC roll but yes I know I have to contact them privately but I don’t know how. Anyone want to help?

Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting Here’s the link.

Looks like you just joined, so you may need to wait to get your trust level up.


Hello! For starters, you need to be at TL1 to contact a recruiter.

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You just have to PM the recruiter! Then give them the requirements that they provided!

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You have to PM a recruiter with the info they ask for on the recruitment post but you must be TL1 to do so. Just keep reading, liking and interacting with posts and you’ll be there in no time!


Darius already explained it. No need for 4 of the same responses back to back lol


How do you get your trust level up? And thanks Darius.

If you continue to participate positivley to the community you will be there in no time and then you can contact a IFATC Recruiter.


Thank you this helped

Continuing off of @Flying_Pencil, you will need to like, post and respond before you rank up. Congrats on joining the community, we’re happy to have you here. If you need anything you can always reach out through a post.
Thanks and have a good one!

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