IFATC recruitment issue (RESOLVED)

I messaged a recruiter with all necessary information, however, they told me they couldnt find my display name nor callsign in the database, and I sent a screenshot showing both my callsign and name, and it has been almost 24 hours with no response. I know I am not supposed to contact multiple recruiters, so I dont know what to do. Also, i checked on live flight, both my name and callsign show up when I do flights, so it has to be in the database otherwise it wouldnt show with my status. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Perhaps you haven’t met the requirements. Who was your recruiter?

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@GHamsz was my recruiter. I checked all the requirements and I met them all, and he didnt say I didnt meet them.

It’s sunday. Perhaps he’s enjoying a day with his family. Give him some time.


Hi there,

It often takes time to check stats and reply. Sometimes it tricky to find certain people in which case we need to call in the big guns. Patience is also a quality we look for in IFATC so stay calm and take the time to top up your IFATC knowledge.


Ah ok. I was just curious, so I figured someone might be able to help. I wasnt worried about it.

I think he’s looking for #support as to why it’s not showing up. Your recruiter will help you troubleshoot in order to pull you up in the database, they have vast prior experience. :)


Thanks! Exactly why I asked.

I think he’s also busy today. I took my practical exam with him today (I passed) and he had to administer another one before mine. In fact, I had to wait 2 days before I got a response. In the meantime, I suggest watching this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyjs5eWlQZ8 as it provides much-needed information.

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Thanks, and congrats! He replied to me with the written test link. Do you have any more helpful videos that you used/recommend me watch?

I think that that video is the most benificial overall, good luck on the written, tell me how it goes!

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Thanks! I didnt score great, but I still passed. I started a tracking thread for my journey, the link is here: Dylan_P- ATC Tracking Thread

A pass is still a pass!

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Patience is a virtue, hard to understand.


It sure is! It’s not that I wasnt being patient, it’s more I was like Hey, i wonder if this is normal or if something is up, and that’s why I figured someone could let me know oh yea hes probably busy or no he replies fast that’s strange etc. And I was right, I did get my answer! Thanks again to everyone who responded. If someone wants they can close this.