IFATC Recruiting

I want to take the test…can u plz give me the test.

How old are you ?

Do you have a lot of experience playground server?

He (well I did for him) sent a PM.

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I wish I was a year older😞

I would like to take the test for IFATC. I can’t PM as I am a new user

Read a few topics, you can get promoted to “basic member” in a few minutes

@Saenkayan_Sumeth, private information such as email addresses should not be posted on public forums. Please spend some more time on the forum, move your way up to Trust Level 2, and send a PM to Justin :)


Roger that! Thank you so much sir.

Can a recruiter please pm me I’m not tl1 yet thanks

Become a TL1 and PM the recruiter. (Just read a new, enter a few)

I would but I don’t know to much to help out with there r people out there that r way more experienced then me ok I’ll try thanks

You don’t have to answer, just read. And see there you’re TL1 already :)

How can we do the test ?

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Contact one of the recruiters, commenting on here will not get you in:) @AaronJ

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It won’t let me pm any of you it saying I need a topic please help

You can’t PM because you are a new user. Read some more topics so you get to basic user. Or you can wait for a recruiter to PM you @anon66442947 👆

If someone could pm me that would be great cheers

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Ready to test

Please contact a recruiter :)