IFATC Recruiters


Hello guys! Could somebody give me a list of the IFATC recruiters? I can’t find it myself

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Here you go:


From the Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting Thread;



Sorry for the tags guys

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Thank you! Wish me good luck on the test ;)


Hope you’ve practised. Good luck

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Oh i’ve done. Thank you!

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Well nevermind, got ghosted 2 weeks ago and got to wait til’ 21 march

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Good luck, i will you shall be an IFATC.


Oh rip, well more time for practicing.


i guess so

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Hello, I am trying to message one of the recruiters to no avail. Any suggestions how I can get in touch with one of them?

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You’ll need to wait just a few moments before you’re able to message them. Our forum runs off a (TL) Trust Level system and you’re currently a TL0. Keep engaging in the community and you’ll rank up automatically. But once you do rank up, you’ll want to refer to this topic that I have linked below. Thanks for the understanding and welcome!


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