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Which IFATC Recruiter have Easiest Written Test Questions?

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Each recruiter will give you the same link to the same written test that others take. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible.


It’s not about finding the easiest way in, it’s about being qualified and actually knowing what you’re doing. There’s no easy way out.


For sure @MannyG has the easiest, he will get you into IFATC in no time 😂


This is not a good question to be asking. IFATC is about being good, not taking shortcuts.


My first question is: Why do you want an “easy test”?

All tests are based on your theoretical knowledge of ATC. You must know all the theoretical things and have a good insight of how IFATC works. If we had “easy” and “difficult” tests, what’s the point of being an IFATC with easy questions if we all should know the same stuff? It’s to improve your ATC skills and provide a good service on expert server. A difficult test would be much better and powerful than just an “easy”.

All recruiters can give you access to IFATC and put you to the right direction. It’s all up to you which recruiter you’re gonna choose.


7 easiest steps to pass IFATC written exam

  1. Make up your mind,work hard.

  2. Watch IFATC you tube tutorials and tutorials in #tutorials:atc ;

  1. Watch again

  2. Read the IFATC Manual(excluding radar part)
    Here’s the link;

  3. Read again

  4. Read again

  5. Last step;
    Contact anyone of the recruiters below,now that you have watched tutorials so many times and have gained a complete knowledge of manual,they all will have easiest questions.



Have a good day!


Hello, Red Flag.

I’m Tyler! Nice to meet you.


But really, this is a pretty good way to end the process. PM me for more. I’d love to discuss the questionable conversations you’ve had with my recruiters over the last 24 hours.



Hello, I am strongly interested in the ATC role for the Expert server. What do I need to do to start the process? If it helps I am a pilot in real life and I am really dedicated in both real life and in IF.



Please have a look at this topic. You’ll find all the necessary information needed to join IFATC.

Good luck!
Maxim V


Thank you!

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