Hey I been hearing about IFATC ranks and I am undergoing IFATC training can some one explain what are IFATC ranks thanks!

Hi, the rank system will be explained in great detail in the manual once you join.

Essentially, each rank controls what frequencies and airports you may open

Can I get access to the manual now just to see it?

You cannot access the private version but let me see if the public version has it

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I don’t see the ranks for the public version could you tell me it here or in PM?

Is that the public version?

Yes it is the public one

It’s device-based.

What do you mean by “Device-based” ?

We are not supposed to be leaking material from the private manual, I’d highly suggest removing that.


That’s why I thought it was private because I saw all that information

Oh, apologies. That’s the public version, but I believe you can see private categories as you’re IFATC. I’ll delete it now, anyway.

The IFATC ranks are as follows (approved by supervisor).

Rank Frequencies Available Test Required
Apprentice C / D / ATIS Theory and Practical (Initial)
Specialist B / C / D / ATIS Practical (Check Ride)
Officer Radar / B / C / D / ATIS Theory and Practical (Radar)

Whats C/D/B

Class Charlie, Delta, Bravo airports, respectively.

Honestly, don’t worry about it now, I’d focus on getting into IFATC first.

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The class of the airport. For example, Aspen KASE is a class Charlie, while KLAX is class Bravo

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The goal of the ranks is so a brand new controller doesn’t jump straight to controlling JFK or LAX. A new controllers will start off with smaller airports, get used to the server and pilots, and then move up after review. It is all to ensure quality operations.


As stated, drilled, and brainwashed into every controller, Quality over Quantity!

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would airports like VOHS and VABB be a class Charlie airport because its a busy airport in IRL but rarely no one goes to the airport in IF

When you tap on an airport on the map it will tell you what class they are. Typically Bravo airports have a larger airspace than Charlie or Deltas.

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