IFATC Rankings?

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Can anyone make me aware of the different ranks that IFATC has and what each means?
I have seen multiple “IFATC Supervisors” and a few “Apprentices”.

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The rankings are listed in the manual as such:

Apprentice (entry level) can control class Deltas and Charlie’s (Tower, Ground, ATIS).

Specialist (earned after around a week depending on your skill) controls Deltas, Charlies and Bravos (Tower, Ground, ATIS).

Officer is earned after radar training, written, and practical exam. They can control radar (app/dep) at any airport. They cannot control tower/ground/ATIS with radar tho.

Supervisors can control all frequencies at any airport (app/dep/twr/gnd/ATIS).


So a supervisor can control all frequencies at once like Tim B does sometimes

That is correct.

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Ok cool thanks

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