Ifatc ranking

I know that you have to work your way up to an ifatc specialist to get access to class bravo airports but what are the requirements for an atc specialist?

Nice to see you’re interested in joining IFATC, I would recommend you look at the thread below for all requirements and instructions.

I am in ifatc… I’m asking if there are any requirements other than waiting to go from atc apprentice to specialist

Ah, If you’re an apprentice that means you’re in your check ride face. You should receive a DM from Tyler if I’m correct once you pass your CR Phase. I don’t quite remember the full process but you should’ve already received a DM from him. No requirements besides you have to control to pass it.

Okay and I’m an apprentice rn and still haven’t received a dm. Was it on discord? Bc I might have denied his dm 😬

You’ll receive an automated DM on the IFC.

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The system might have changed, but if you pass your CR phase you should receive some type of dm, that’s what was my process but it could’ve changed.

There are no requirements for this, just patience and good control at Charlie and Delta airports. Just after CR, you will be able to control at Bravo airports.

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It would have been better to ask this question in the Discord Server mate. People reply quicker compared to IFC. But alright… )))

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