IFATC Quick Question

Does IFATC just mean that you can provide ATC for expert server? And when you are part of IFATC, is the only benefit being able to air traffic control the expert server?

thanks everyone

Oh and another question, What is the topics named IFATC from home? Did IFATC not air traffic from home until recently?

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Yes, IFATC are certified air traffic controllers for the Expert Server. Upon joining the slack, there are many other benefits as well, and I encourage you to join! To get started, look here : Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


If the published schedule by Tyler says “IFATC at Home”, it simply means that all IFATC can open whatever airport they choose, home airport or any airport in their home country, on that day.


Oops my bad, I mustn’t of read that post correctly.

IFATC can also report people as soon as the become an apprentice (the first rank) to enforce the rules in situations that require it. Please keep in mind this should be used sparingly.

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