IFATC Questions

This explains why @dush19 never controls. 🙄😁


I’m too busy being blamed for the airports in which they control


That’s true. You’re excused.

If I were to control at FNF, do they rotate controllers every so often? (I probably should’ve asked this at the top lol)

Yes, people open and close… other takes over. Not that complicated stuff really :)

The other controllers would probably beat me to it though xD

If ATC can be open at any qualifying airport, is it ok to go on just the underserved ones?

Say the west coast is open, can I do KSJC or KOAK only?

Yes, of course. The airports are chosen by the controllers when we do regions, which we most of the time do these days.

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Thats good to hear. You can close the topic if you want, because you probably have a lot of work to do :)

You can open any airport you are qualified for within the day’s region and can control for however long, as long as you meet the minimum time requirement.

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I didn’t think I would enjoy controlling, or make the cut or handle more than 5 planes at a time. Yet here I am, passed on the first attempt, growing in confidence with each day and realizing I love providing ATC service for the community.


Is this per month or week?

Per session;

If you open a Bravo, you stay open for 60mins.
Charlie/Delta; Stay open for 30mins.


Maybe take a look at this😀

Oh that makes sense now. I’m debating on joining it. Maybe later in the year when my schedule frees up

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