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Hello, can someone explain to me in detail what happens after I pass the practical. What will I need to do etc…

You will join IFATC

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So once you have passed the practical IFATC exam you will then be invited to join IFATC, then it goes from there.

Keep in mind you can only do the practical once you’ve passed the theory exam.


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This I know thank you🙁, but I heard I need to choose some region or checkride or something like that but didn’t quite understand

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You get to choose a region and you can request a change every 30 days.

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Once you join IFATC you can open class Charlie airports then in Check ride you can start opening class bravo and you can choose what region you would like to control at.

Oh okay, thanks for explainong

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Im taking my practical today at 1200Z, hopefully I pass


Good luck on that!

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Thank youu

Good luck!

Thank you!


Firstly, best of luck in your practical! Looking forward to welcoming you to the team.

Once you join IFATC you are promoted as an “Apprentice”. You can only control Class C and D airports, examples of a Class C airport includes EIDW and EGPH. You are not restricted to any regions and are allowed to control anywhere in the world.

After a week or so you’ll be promoted to a “Specialist”. Here you can control Class B airports as well as Class C and D. Note, these airports are likely to build higher volumes of traffic so start off slow. To secure your promotion to “Specialist” you are placed in a Check Ride phase where Supervisors can attend your sessions and record feedback. This feedback will be compiled together and a result on your Check Ride will be made. When you pass, you secure your Specialist promotion and can control FNF Hubs and Stream Airports and Flash Flights. You also have to join one of the Regions and you must control inside your region every day except Tuesday (where it’s ATC Free Day and we can control anywhere in the world) and Fridays (where it’s the FNF). Also any official events that happen, for example Flash Flights.

That’s about it, after a couple of months as a Specialist and when you meet all the requirements, you can apply for Radar training however you don’t need to worry about that for now ;)

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Thank you for information, don’t think of joining radar anytime soon 😆

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Got enough right here

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