IFATC question

Hey I wanted to know the people I should contact to become an IFATC controller. I have all the requirements met I just need to go through the tests


Here’s the first step!

After you’ve come in contact with a recruiter, be sure to read the IFATC Manual and watch the tutorial videos on the IF YouTube page to help you pass the written exam.

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Note that you need to be a TL1 (basic user) to apply. Keep contributing to the forum and you’ll get there in no time!

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As well said by @TaipeiGuru you need a bigger amount of participation here to be a member before contacting an IFATC recruiter

Another fine addition to my collection…


Hi @Will_A

Could you kindly direct me to where I can find the IFATC manual?

Hey Thiago!

Absolutely! Here you go:


Be sure to read all of it! Questions about material in the manual are always welcome and encouraged.

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So thanks for the process list but I am having trouble actually contacting the recruiter could you please explain how?

You need to be a TL1 (Trust Level 1) on this forum to apply. Until you reach that level, you unfortunately won’t be able to send any private messages to anybody.

Keep liking, posting, and staying active and you’ll reach there!

Good luck on your journey to IFATC :)


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