IFATC Question

You need more patience. 24 hours isn’t that much time. They all have a private life as well. Like work, school, family, etc.

Give them a bit more time. 😊


Wait. Like they all said


Just bump the PM. They’re probably busy, give It some time.





Just say like:

“Just wanted to check, have you seen this PM yet?”

Or something in a polite way :)

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No real need for a bump. I assure you someone’s seen your message. It takes time. Recruiters deal with many people at a time.


Bumping won’t make any difference as they are already notified in the first place. 👍


They might’ve not seen it yet though, as they’re busy.

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I was simply told to contact him in 30 days time for retake

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in conclusion, bump the PM only if they have not replied within 48 hours. Remember that Bumping might not be always the best solution to this, but only do so after a long period of time has passed and if you really feel the need for it.

Just be patient :)

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When I contacted my recruiter I waited for a week 😂… patience is key


Wow that’s insane lol I admire your patience! @ADDY28

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Hello…all recruiters are IF users just like you. We all have work, family, school, vacation, hobbies…just like most of the users in the community. Thus… just like if I send you a message in IFC you may take a while to reply due to one of the above reasons, you can also expect the same from a recruiter.

Rest assured someone will get back with you. And as a friendly note… I always tells my recruits the recruiting process has one additional step to the well known written and practical tests: it’s the interaction between recruiter and recruit. If you can’t wait a few days for a response that tells me you don’t have a whole lot of patience. If you don’t have patience… IFATC may not be the best choice for you.


Tyler probably gets hundreds of messages a day, and he also has a real job.

Hours is not a long time.

Don’t do this. There’s no better way to ensure your response is delayed further. Think of it as someone outside you house pounding on the doorbell.


Taking advantage of the subject of knowing if you viewed your PM, what do these indications mean? How to tell if the PM message has been viewed? It sounds simple but I don’t understand how this numeric counter works. Could you explain each item to me?

Just so you guys understand what the request queue is like.

Have a beer while you’re waiting.


Found out that he is on vacation and was referred to @JoshFly8

Josh I have contacted you via PM

No rush, I know your crazy busy

In the meantime, Practice questions that would help you pass the exam, or even take a look at the public manual!

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It’s a shame I just saw this.

You contacted me and got a response 3 hours later. I’m not a bot. I was working tower/ground combined at work. If I may, it’s rather sad if you can’t wait a few short hours for a response. Please have respect for other’s time. Many of our resources here are in a volunteer capacity which means a bit of patience and maturity is required when awaiting a response.