IFATC Question

You’ll have to go through TG first. All officers were once specialists. :)


In that’s case, you would have to work your way up the rank latter in IFATC. Or, you could stick to training server. If you do stick to training, try opening less popular airports as these have more respectful pilots.

What’s TG?



Hmm but how do you attract attention?

There’s no guarantee you’ll get traffic, but if you Open long enough people will generally flow in. It’s better if a tower and ground controller are open as well.

Because ATC tracking threads are only for ground and tower

Set up a tracking thread:

Maybe. I’ll have to see if anyone else is open and control approach with then

Tracking threads can only be used if you are planning to join IFATC.

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That too. Do you know if anyone is active on a tracking thread ATM?

You can check #atc for open threads

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Me. You can come join me at KPHL (not a lot of traffic, though).

Ok. Training server PHNL

No KPHL. My bad


Simebidy oreads has approach

Even though you’re not planning on joining IFATC, I’d still recommend looking over #tutorials:atc to perfect your skills Incase you do eventually decide to join.

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I think it’s great you’ve developed this keen interest in radar controlling. To achieve this, I do want to encourage you to focus on Tower and Ground controlling first, because:

  1. Tower and Ground controlling are both fun too
  2. As a radar controller it’s good to understand Tower controlling, and what Tower needs
  3. On Training Server it’s easier to train for Tower and Ground ATC, as many, many pilots don’t follow Approach instructions on TS.
  4. Once you’ve learned about Tower and Ground controlling you can be an ATC in Expert Server (ES),
  5. Learning for Radar controller on Expert is easier than on Training Server
  6. Working on ES as Radar controlling is more rewarding and fun that on TS

So…do find the IFATC training videos on YouTube and get going 🙂

motto: go big, or don’t go at all.


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