IFATC Question

So I really love doing approach but the training server is not that good. And I would love to join IFATC but I don’t have all the time in the world to play on their schedule. Any advice?

There is no set time you are expected to control when IFATC however to rise to the level of radar controller you need to show you can handle yourself as a tower/ground controller first.

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Oh well idk about tower but I think I can do ground. Where do I find the test

Just make sure you meet all these requirements and you’re good to apply :)

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You dont have to be constantly active. You just have to be not constantly dead.


On #atc you can find info about setting up an ATC tracking thread. You might find the whole experience more fun if you have more dedicated visitors who want to give you feedback as opposed to miscellaneous trolls. Check out the IFATC tutorials on Youtube for some tips.

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I wasn’t sure about my tower skills myself before I joined. However, after watching all of the tutorials on ATC, it all became clear :)

I just want to do approach

You’ll have to go through TG first. All officers were once specialists. :)


In that’s case, you would have to work your way up the rank latter in IFATC. Or, you could stick to training server. If you do stick to training, try opening less popular airports as these have more respectful pilots.

What’s TG?



Hmm but how do you attract attention?

There’s no guarantee you’ll get traffic, but if you Open long enough people will generally flow in. It’s better if a tower and ground controller are open as well.

Because ATC tracking threads are only for ground and tower

Set up a tracking thread:

Maybe. I’ll have to see if anyone else is open and control approach with then

Tracking threads can only be used if you are planning to join IFATC.

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That too. Do you know if anyone is active on a tracking thread ATM?

You can check #atc for open threads