IFATC Question

what does level of experience mean??

This means:

-Do you know how to control?

-Are you skilled in being ATC?

-Are you prepared for the traffic you will face being IFATC?


Well I guess you are talking about level of experience in IF for ATC. Well,you start as an observer where you can work on your way to get into IFATC. Once selected in IFATC, you will be promoted to apprentice where you can work only on charlies or delta airports. Then comes Specialist where you can control bravos airports excluding radar frequencies. Then officer where u can have radar frequencies.


Operations also can show how much or how long the controller has been controlling. Some stay away from the busy airport as and open secondary airports.

Check it 👇

This is the current link that one has been replaced by this

I basically have watched all of the atc videos on YouTube and operated 500 above so can you all tell me what can I write when I contact recruator.

You’ll need the following information when you contact a recruiter:

  • display name
  • callsign
  • age
  • level of experience
  • screenshot of operations count (Select ATC from Main Menu, you will see xxx operations in the top right hand corner with your name.)

The link below shows the recruiters, please contact 1 & they’ll get you started.


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