IFATC Qualifying Questions

If we contact a Recruiter, give a test and fill the atc training request form how does the trainer contact us and help us and see we doing good or not??

After you pass your written exam, you have the option to request a trainer to prepare you for your practical exam. The Trainer will contact you via PM with all the information after you apply. You can always set up a ATC Tracking Thread if you would like to get constant feedback.

Here is an example of a Tracking Thread:

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When you fill out the form, it will add your name to the list of responses, so when we see that we will send you a message here to schedule training sessions.

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How does he monitor us?

The trainer will schedule sessions for you to control where you will get 4-6 people to fly under your control, just like a test. After the session, you will receive a list of feedback and things you could work on.


Is the exam hard??

I would really suggest to watch all of the tutorial videos on Youtube. In those videos, there’s all the info you need!

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